Animated hamburger menu

Hamburger Menu icon is three line menu icon which is used to hide menus. Such icon is extremely useful for responsive designing or mobile designs with smaller screen sizes. Alternatively Hamburger menu icon can be called as three-line menu, menu button or hotdog menu. This ham burger menu icon typically opens up into a side of the navigation drawer built with html.

It is well recognized as the button to access the navigation menu. In this tutorial, we will be looking into several designs and ways to develop hamburger menu icon symbol with html and CSS. For better visualization it comes with several animation effects. However the way icons reacts when clicked or hovered may differ. However, In this tutorial we will be making use of checkbox to show and hide the menu within our hamburger menu icon.

Checkbox button allows itself to be checked or unchecked. Using this feature we will be manipulating its CSS to achieve the show and hide feature with this ham burger icon built with html. In this section we will be developing a simple hamburger symbol animating with a simple transition. Now for the symbol lets design our burger icon in html. Since there is lines in the hamburger symbol. Lets first design that. This three span block will be containing our lines.

animated hamburger menu

So, Now lets add a checkbox menu with its label wrapping the above span blocks. We are wrapping those span block because we want it to contain the checked and unchecked property of the checkbox button. Now you can see just a simple checkbox appearing on the screen and nothing else. When the button is clicked.

So lets change the icon to X symbol when it is selected. We will be animating this feature.

animated hamburger menu

All along the this tutorial though the basic approach will remain same an the hamburger menu looks alike this transition feature with different css will differ among them.

But if you observe carefully then you can see each block just contains a single transform property, rest are just with some vendor specific prefix. The prefix are added for different browser supports. The pixels and degrees of transformation both for rotate and translate are achieved from series of experiments.Hamburger Menu Design CSS are used in triggering a sliding sensation on the menu list while navigating a website. They are often tricky to implement.

Hamburger menus are generally designed to look just like the actual hamburgers we see and eat every other day. Hamburger menu and icon has 3 horizontal lines which resemble a hamburger. It became popular and was incorporated on a quite a number of systems. Presently, the hamburger menu can be seen on almost every website or app, you probably must have seen it without realizing what it was.

A Xerox system operator, Norm Cox, created the hamburger menu and its icon to help site users get easy access to information links without searching for them on the same website. By just a click on the hamburger icon, the hamburger menu popped up with every information they needed.

With time, the Hamburger menu CSS has evolved and come a long way. From offering simple navigation to animated or audio enhancements; the layout of Hamburger seems to be ever evolving.

The credit for the innovative Hamburger menu designs goes to CSS advancements. Hamburger menus not only maintain a clean user interface but also offer direct navigational access.

When building a responsive and an interactive platform is in your mind, one cannot skip including Hamburger menus. Though you may find adding Hamburger menu styles complex, trying them would be worth the efforts!

Here is a list of innovative Hamburger menu CSS animations to include that, in turn, would make our web platform unique and creative.

The demo links are incorporated as well, to help you understand better. Simple and classic are the right words to use for this hamburger menu design CSS. It is simple and self-explanatory such that by clicking on the hamburger menu icon, it changes into a back arrow and displaying the navigation menu options.

Use the links below to see the demo and also to download. If you wish to give a simple appeal to your web design, this drop-down navigation animation is a recommended option. When you click on the hamburger icon, simply a drop-down menu would pop-up to display the navigation menu. This hamburger menu is totally unlike what we have seen on this list. Mega menus are really useful when a site has a lot of contents to link in the navigation bar.

This masterpiece was designed by Mahesh, it allows you to add images to your navbar also. To top it all, its responsiveness allows the hamburger menu to adapt to mobile device screens.

This setting is widely accepted across the mobile platform. The hamburger icon is fixed centrally at the bottom of the screen. When a user clicks on the icon, the navigation menu expands to dominate the whole screen in a circular fashion. Traditionally, when the hamburger menu expands, the background content is visible on either sides of the menu. But, this rounded navigation menu appears in a circular manner and dominates the full screen.

It is a cool effect and a great animation to try. This is the coolest hamburger icon to try.

animated hamburger menu

If you are an avid fan of Star Wars, this hamburger icon animation would surely entice you. When you click on the hamburger icon, the screen splits wherein; the navigation menu covers the right half with the visual content on the left. This is a simple yet effective hamburger menu animation. Written in pure CSS, when a user clicks on the hamburger icon, the navigation menu dominates the entire screen to give you a better idea of all the menu items.

A constant background when one opens the hamburger menu is common, but when the animation or aptly the dynamic effect is added to the background, the web design looks no less than perfection. Be it the creative touch or the easy to understand interface; morphing drawer menu is trending in the world of web and app development. This menu is a combination of animated hamburger icon and a tilted navigation menu.

Built with the help of JavaScript, Clip path, and CSS3 animation attributes; the tilted sliding navigation is highly in demand.The duration of the animation. Can be set to zero if no animation is desired. The vertical distance between the lines. Small smmedium md or large lg. A callback which receives a single boolean argument, indicating if the icon is toggled. This can be used to perform an action after toggling, or as an alternative to providing your own state.

Therefore, padding will be added around the icon to create a surface of exactly this size. Keyboard interaction is provided with the enter key, and the icon element has the recommended accessibility attributes such as role. You can use the label property to supply an ARIA label for the icon.

Visit the GitHub repository for additional information about usage and the motivation behind this package. Logo by Stutpak. Animated hamburger menu icons Made for React. Hamburger type: Tilt Direction: right.

Direction: left. Hamburger type: Squash Direction: not applicable. Direction: not applicable. Hamburger type: Cross Direction: right. Hamburger type: Twirl Direction: right. Hamburger type: Fade Direction: right.

Hamburger type: Slant Direction: right. Hamburger type: Spiral Direction: right.

Tasty CSS-animated hamburgers

Hamburger type: Turn Direction: right. Hamburger type: Pivot Direction: right.

Animated Responsive Navbar Tutorial

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animated hamburger menu

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How to Make Hamburger Menu Icon with CSS

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