Eso warden tank leveling build

Race: Orc. Critical Charge. Restoring Aura. Rushed Ceremony. The Harvester focuses on that trinity to keep resources up, dropping ultimate for health, and smashing enemies into dust. This is an absolute blast to play and I feel powerful every time I logon.


In this case, it was Blazing Shield and Repentance. Blazing Shield holds a shield and does damage based on the amount of health you have, thus Imperial passives seemed a logical choice.

Plus extra stamina with a two-hander and I feel this is a awesome race choice though a Redguard would have been great as well. Second is Repentance which gives back stamina and health from nearby dead enemies. The general concept here is to leap in, getting your defensive shield up, and Carve their faces off.

Once the shield pops and your done carving, swap to bar two for a Devouring Swarm AKA bats to finish off the enemies. Now Repentance to get health and stamina back then off to the next group. Bar two is more for sustained fights or single target encounters.

The whole idea here is to not let anyone reach you. Bar 2 Weapon 2: Bow. Please wait Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Elder Scrolls Merch. Search for:. Support ESO Academy. Remember Me Lost your password?Note, we are currently working on updating them all, but just so you have this as a reference point. Best success. Deltia big fan you helped me out from day one I follow all your builds they are the best and you give great advice. That is a remarkably ignorant generalization to make.

That said, I agree that this is a wise choice. Spending time with your family is the best thing you could possibly do. I have just recently returned, but I plan to limit my time on Elder Scrolls Online. Seems the magica warden build is broken, or just still being worked on? Thanks for the others though! Trying to get more information on it and finding a better build, as currently it feels very weak.

Thanks Gill for all the hard work you put into your builds, videos and advice about the game. I feel at the current state of things it would be a folly to do so. So while creating your own brand may be time consuming, developing your own ESO identity either on this site or another may be the way to go.

You guys are both awesome. Deltia, thank you for promoting long lost honesty, integrity, commitment and values. And thanks Guilliame, for picking up the mantle, and helping all of us that struggle to understand the complexities of ESO. I have learned a lot from both of you. It is very much recognized and appreciated. Are you going to get a magica build out before launch?

And can you please state witch one does more damage and or is better for trials. Truth too much? Thank you for all of the great builds you provide. Also, coming from an man that is married with children, I fully respect your commitment to spend more time with your family! I appreciate all the info and work put into it I do get good tips but I find most builds have sets I cant craft so I find myself being squishy because I only play alone and run crafted sets.

Stamina builds can heal themselves with Vigor while magicka builds protect themselves with shields like Harness Magicka. Hey so this is my bible as a casual gamer for quick and effective builds.

Only using brawler from 2 hander so feels like the clear choose is dual wield, but all my other guys are, anyways any suggestions would be sweet. Went back to GW2 and life moved on. About a year plus later, I decided to visit ESO again, but this time do some research first.

I found your channel and immediately bookmarked your build videos and implemented your very easy to understand suggestions. I found that with your guides, and some changes by the game, that it was in fact the game I had hoped it would be.

As a long time gamer EQ1 launchyour guides are the best I have encountered. Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you. Also, thank you for sharing your struggles to help others.

That should be what it is all about. Either way, I wish you and your family all the best while going through this. You have taken the greatest step by coming out and stating your issue. This will not only help you, but also others who look up to you. Thank you for your dedication and help over the years I have always found your advice informative and helpful.Account Merchandise en en-GB de fr. Prev 1 2 Next Go. Ok, so levelling a Warden tank as they sound fun and am intrigued with the ice staff usage and all.

But, besides you obvious tanking choices in one hand and shield tree how do you spend points? With dps it easy, mag or stam depending on what you are building and morphs follow suit.

eso warden tank leveling build

But with tanking and points going into to health, what do I morph? I use both mag and stam skills at any given time so where does one draw the line? Example, cliff racers Or do I not bother with the animal tree at all as a tank? I ask because if I don't have some dps skills it will take fooorrreeeevvveerr to level and kill junk!

All the builds out there are end game in nature but I prefer to level as I will play, i. So yea, magicka or stam for skills morphs, as tank Well ideally on a tank don't you want to use skills that drain your blocking pool e.

Then respec when you get the scrolls from the level up rewards. Then you can learn to tank while levelling and still outputting decent DPS. Edited by Sparr0w on May 10, AM. May These are the warden skills I run Ice fortess, gripping shardspolar windshimmering shield, lotus blossom, blue betty and healing thicket the rest of warden skills aren't any good for a tank.

Edited by Joxer61 on May 10, AM.

eso warden tank leveling build

Don't level as tank, it's too tedious because of very low DPS. Even when not using them, the skill itself and the skill line are raised while getting experience. For example you can equip a lightning staff, spam Deep Fissure or Subterranean Assault ever 3 s while keeping your buffs from back bar, then melt everything, while your front bar is filled with the skills you want to train.Abilities that immobilize targets and make the life of your group easier.

Lord Warden as Monster Set : A great Tanking monster set that increases both ours and our team members resistances. Plague Doctor : A support tanking set that increases our Health and healing taken. Lord Warden Shoulders : Urgarlag Chief-bane. Plague Doctor : Deshaan, Overland. Inner Rage : Our Taunt for enemies far away. Polar Wind : Our emergency heal. Defensive Stance : Essential skill for tanking. It gives us a shield, increases the amount of damage we can block and reduces the cost of blocking.

Aggressive Horn : Our main Ultimate. We use this mostly against strong enemies, Bosses, to buff our team. Unstable Wall of Elements : We use this ability to deal damage and apply the Crusher debuff to our targets.

Warden Builds

It also works very well with Frozen Watcherfreezing already Chilled enemies. Frozen Device : Our main Crowd Control ability. Pulls enemies to you and applies Major Maim to them.

eso warden tank leveling build

Bull Netch : Very important self-buff. Restores our Stamina but also boosts our Weapon and Spell Damage. Ice Fortress : Great self and group buff that increases our resistances and reduces incoming damage. Bone Surge : Defensive ability offering a protective shield to us and our group.

Northern Storm : Our secondary Ultimate. It boosts our Max. Magicka when slotted but also deals good damage to enemies and reduces incoming damage. Some good alternative skills you can use, in case you are struggling with Magicka management are Inner Beast instead of Inner Rage and Silver Leash instead of Frozen Device. Protector is a sturdy and relatively easy to use Warden Tank PVE Build with many tools to immobilize your targets and protect your group.

The build has high resistances that allow you to tank even the strongest bosses and can also assist with heals, thanks to the Polar Wind skill.

Buff yourself with Bull Netch and Ice Fortress.

eso warden tank leveling build

Taunt your targets with Pierce Armor or Inner Rage and block their attacks. Pull enemies to you with your Frozen Device skill. Use Unstable Wall of Elements on them to apply the Crusher debuff and reduce their resistances. Activate Defensive Stance and Bone Surge to provide yourself and your group with shields.

Use your Ultimates when ready and appropriately. Follow me on Youtube.Welcome to Dottzgaming. Welcome to DottzGaming. This build is intended to act as a framework for someone to follow while leveling a Warden, whether it be a magicka damage dealer, a stamina damage dealer, a tank or a healer. This enables you to pick and choose from a list and mix and match how you like, thus preventing you from feeling like you have a static leveling progression!

Wardens can fill every role relatively well, making good healers, tanks, and damage dealers. Wardens make a good first character due to having a lot of built in heals, some of which can even scale off of stamina!

When built correctly, easy and effective builds can be made which will make the leveling process even easier. Once you are level 50, you become CP 10 and will be able to use the Champion Point system. For basics on the CP system, click hereand for a guide on where to place your CP points, click here.

Vampire or Mortal : Vampire is great for the extra magicka recovery if you need it, but can leave you very squishy to fire especially in PvP. If you feel your sustain is fine or PvP is your main priority, you may want to choose to remain mortal. You want to do your best to have 1 ability from each class tree on both your front and back bar.

When you gain experience, whether it be from killing monsters or quests, the abilities on your active bar are the ones that gain experience as well as their respective skill lines. Another cool trick is if you have abilities on a skill bar you want to level up, you can switch to that bar when handing in a quest or completing a dungeon to give them and their skill lines a surge of experience.

If you want to level another weapon or skill tree without using that weapon or skill, simply placing a skill from that tree on your ability bar helps it gain experience when you gain experience on that bar. You dont have to use it! Food: Not mandatory, but if you can find some, try to get stuff that increases either your attributes or give you recovery. Tanks dont have set rotations like DPS, use things in your kit as you need them.

Healers dont have set rotations like DPS, use things in your kit as you need them. If you have any questions about the build, join our discord server and ask Dottz about the build! February 24, ESO Builds Leveling. If you get better pieces as you level, feel free to replace them just try to have more of the main gear weigh than the others! You optimally want to use any dots in your build first, so use each dot you have on your enemies weaving a light attack in between each of them You should have 1 spammable ability in your build to use when all your dots are up and you dont need to buff yourself.

Use any CC, shields and heals as needed. You want to optimally make sure you have a few of these at your disposal when making a build for general playing. You may want to use a 5 heavy, 1 med, 1 light setup if you plan to PvP.There are lots of ways how to build any Tank in ESO, but it is dependent somewhat upon Sets and other factors.

Amount of heals per second you can have with this build is staggering at times, making you insanely hard to kill.

ESO Warden Tank

The Immortal Dragon Tank is built around the concept of healing itself and allies while maintaining aggro on hard hitting enemies and bosses. This ticks both tanking boxes: survivability and support. A Tank without great survivability is useless, and a Tank without support abilities is not going to be very effective in a group. Immortal Dragon does both and does them to great effect. It is a win-win proposition. Attribute spread should focus heavily on boosting Stamina, because if you run out of stamina you die.

It is simple as that. Your spread should have 44 Stamina, 10 Health and 10 Magicka. Magicka and Health are also important for a Dragonknight Tank, so the slight boost that we get by putting 10 points into each resource is definitely worth it. This would be decently balanced attribute spread but feel free to adjust it to your liking.

This Build focuses on utilizing some traditional taunting and supporting abilities, combined with the Healing abilities Green Dragon Blood and Cinder Storm. Inner Light is there to help with Magicka pool since it is not high with this Build. Igneous Shield is a perfect skill for a Tank since it protects you and your allies and that is the definition of Tanking. This is a very useful ability because of the Ultimate Points generation and reduced damage dealt by the enemy.

This is a fantastic ability for this build since it heals everyone in the party if in range, and those heals will be significant thanks to the Precise Strikes Champion Skill, and all the other Healing Done improvements. Morphed from Vigor. Morphed from Magelight. It lasts for 9 secs and almost makes your teammates and you immune to damage during that time. This Ultimate is most commonly used by Tanks since it buffs both resources and increases DPS of the whole party.

Get Exclusive ESO Tips

The faster you kill everything, the better is the motto of this Ultimate. A very useful Skill for taunting enemies far away that would otherwise require you running around trying to Taunt them with Pierce Armor.

This skill is especially useful when doing Dungeons with random people with questionable ability. With this Build Cinder Storm becomes especially effective for you and everyone inside the healing area. Morphed from Ash Cloud. It also returns a small amount of damage to the attacker. I would recommend Inner Light because having so many Magicka abilities can be really hard to sustain. If you do not want to play either of these races, Imperial and Nord are also good choices for a tank.

Imperials have increased Health and Stamina, with a chance to restore Health with melee attacks. Nords come with increased damage reduction, cold resistance, Health Recovery and Stamina all great passives for a tank. There are plenty useful Skills you can have but points are limited. Percentages behind the decimal point are not accounted for when adding points to Champion Skills.

Now that you know this you can save points and put them elsewhere where gains would be more beneficial. Try to round up numbers to get the most out of these Champion Skills. Blessed 75 Elfborn 72 Precise Strikes Mighty In The Elder Scrolls: Onlinelike in many other MMORPGs, tanks are crucial roles in any group content -- pulling all the monsters and mobs to themselves, then soaking the damage those mobs would otherwise deal to the rest of the group.

Dragonknights DK in ESO can have some of the best tanking builds in the game, and of the five class options including the Warden from the new Morrowind DLCDragonknight is possibly the easiest to tank with. Unfortunately, unlike many other MMOs, ESO can be difficult to parse in terms of the best abilities, weapons, and passive skills to use. Where other MMOs have entire websites dedicated to telling players what gear to use, what talents to purchase, and which skills to use when and in what order, even!

These guides are no doubt helpful, but some of them outright contradict the others -- leaving players somewhat confused as to what they should be doing. There is an argument to be made that you should just find the skills, gear, and etc that suit your playstyle and have fun with the game. However, other players like finding builds online because someone's done the boring, frustrating legwork for them to optimize their utility.

Luckily for you, we've perused all the suggested builds for Dragonknight tanks, and put together this ultimate build guide to help you spec your DK as best you can. This build will take you through the best race options, skill selection, passives selection, Champion Points purchases, and some gear selection.

We'll start with optimal races:. No, that is not a typo. You can safely choose any race at the start of the game and still make a kick-ass DK tank. That being said, there are four races that are slightly better at the job: Argonian, Imperial, Nord, and Orc. Argonians come with a laundry list of racial abilities and passives that help them to be wonderful tanks:. Similarly, Imperials have a good list of racial passives that make them ideal tanks:.

Any of these four races will make excellent tanks, and the decision is largely up to taste. Others will say that Imperials, with their larger health pool, make the better tank.

Warden healer/tank

You should choose which race you want to play, either based on the stats above or whatever your personal tanking style is. In the end, it's your character. This means that having the right skills upgraded and ready to go is imperative. Luckily, you have two skill bars to switch between at the touch of a button, so you can effectively respond to different situations. Use this when you're actively engaged in melee with one or more targets. Use this to pull mobs before combat, or switch to it to activate your AoE skills and switch back to your primary bar.

Many of these are largely up to you to fit into your playstyle, but One Hand and Shield passives and Heavy Armor passives are almost all useful. Your Dragonknight passives are also wonderful for tanking -- focus on Draconic Power and Earthen Heart passives, especially those that increase block, spell resistance, and restore Stamina. For Champion Points, you're going to want to focus mostly on the Warrior Constellation. Gear is the hardest section to give advice on.

Lots of guides will tell you that you can find or craft named sets in certain areas, and tell you to go for those. This is fine, but they all seem to think that everyone has the huge amounts of time to spend grinding out materials or killing mobs for random drops.

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