Jeep t150 bellhousing

The Borg-Warner T transmission was the three-speed transmission found in to Jeeps. It is a good transmission when well maintained and has often been adapted to V8 and V6 power. Rated at medium-duty, the T is stronger than its compact size may suggest. Though it only holds a candle to the truck style four-speeds' strengths and capabilities, the T is frequently retained in CJ Jeeps when married to mild GM V6 and V8 power.

It is regarded as the second strongest of all the Jeep three-speeds, second to the Jeep T The T is a top loaded, top shifting transmission. The T is fully synchronized in the second and third gears. All gears are helically cut. The T transmission is 9" long and features a cast iron top cover that is retained by eight bolts and a main case of cast iron. The T features a conventional "H" shift pattern, with reverse being towards the driver and up.

Typical casting numbers found on the T are or Of interesting note, the T transmission was the subject of a recall in the late 's, for its rear seal being installed backwards. This seal should face spring-side towards the front of the transmission. It may be possible to bolt a T to a Jeep Dana 18 transfer case, but this transmission uses a uniquely machined transfer case input gear with a seal journal.

This transfer case gear does not interchange with any Model Many shadetree mechanics do very outstanding rebuilds if they have access to a press, snap ring pliers and bearing pullers.

Many choose to do a full rebuild during the adaptation process, and our instruction guides feature all the details, diagrams, pics and tricks required to do professional level work. Jeep Dana Model T90 to the Emissions Fuel Economy Conversions, Rules vs. Welcome Guest: Login or Register. When filling your T with gear oil, we recommend that you select a conventional mineral oil or a para-synthetic in lieu of a full synthetic oil.

Properly assembled manual gearboxes do not have the thermal strains seen by combustion engines or hypoid gears. Synthetic fluid in these gearboxes, while not harmful, is probably an economic waste. Hypoid gear oil is sulphurized higher than transmission oil and can be mildly corrosive to the non-ferrous alloys used for synchros, bushings and thrust washers in these transmissions.

Some claim faster shifts from using a 50W engine oil in their transmission and we do not consider this to be contraindicated unless you operate your vehicle in a very warm environment.This adapter assembly makes for a strong and convenient adaptation of classic standard shift GM bellhousings to the T three-speed transmission, as was the optional transmission found in CJ Jeeps.

This plate style adapter is machined from billet T6 aluminum alloy for superior strength. Engine bellhousings using a standard GM rear bolt pattern. Our adapter will work with both. The ring is easily returnable for credit if not used in the installer's application. The installer should note that the upper two ears of the transmission will need to be elongated with a round file or other appropriate tool.

Because the T upper holes and the GM holes cross-over some, this is the only reasonable remedy and is not a difficult part of the process. All T's in these Jeeps are identical in form and function and fully compatible with this assembly. If you need a bellhousing, would prefer a new enhanced casting version or would like the LS specific version they can be purchased here:.

This is a beautiful piece and necessary for proper operation on LS based engines. They must have the LS crank offset to work properly.

The page is here with details. Bolts necessary for installation. Three sizes are listed below. Non-standard applications will need to watch for compatibility. The disc can be purchased separately for those applications natively using a different spline count.

While sometimes not needed in this application, it is priceless when clearances dictate its use. You may get lucky and find a correct height release bearing but this product will guarantee correct height when set up properly. With all the variabilities in flywheel and clutch height, we highly recommend its use. Further information is here. And adjustable pivot is an additional noteworthy option allowing even more flexibility to this critical setting. Though not required on all applications, now is an excellent opportunity to upgrade from the likely worn mechanical system.

You will find that your clutch release point will vary as things twist. With a hydraulic system, that is not the case. All flex is taken up by the braided stainless line which is unaffected by changes in frame to body relationship. If your Jeep has the master cylinder, that part can be reused.

More information can be found here. Parts to do this swap are:.This transmission bell housing is from Omix. For use on Jeep T and T Transmissions. This is a direct OE replacement type part. Sign in or Create an account. Search Advanced Search. Add to Cart.

jeep t150 bellhousing

Have A Question? Our customer service has the answer. Description Reviews 0. Write a review. Your Name. What Our Customers Are Saying. Thank God for Russell's in-depth knowledge of these ol critters and Vintage Jeep! I have a, well, lets just say rather demanding customer that is truly critical of the work done on his military equipment and without these great folks at Vintage Jeep I would be up that famous creek! Russell has been a big help, nice to talk to someone knowledgable who knows what your going through and not some high volume catalog jockey Very nice people, extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help in any way they can!

Definitely recommend! Great owners, great parts, great company!! If you've got a Jeep project, they're the ones to call! Russell and his crew are the best. Great service and always Time to answer a question. I have been buying jeep parts form these guys for a long time. They are very nice and have great customer service. Very knowledgeable, and will answer and question you have. Great people to do business with. They will go out of their way to help you! I was only introduced to Vintage Jeep Parts early this year.

I have had many jeeps since I got my first one in This is the best parts house I have ever had the pleasure to do business with.This adapter plate assembly is used to adapt a GM Engine to the Jeep T 3 speed manual transmission. The adapter plate is. Included in the adapter plate kit you will receive an adapter plate, new 4. Note: With our adapter plates, we utilize a new front bearing retainer to obtain proper bell housing alignment. Chevy adapter plates we use a small index of 4.

The T can be identified by a case length of 9. The top shifter mounted to the case with 8 bolts. We offer a clutch linkage bracket for our adapter plate that adapts to the GM blocks and gives you several locations for mounting the pivot ball for the clutch linkage.

This bracket is sold separately under PN One additional option is our complete bellhousing that retains the stock clutch linkage, and adapts the Jeep transmission to the GM block which is PN The T would be the last 3 speed transmission offered by Jeep. The T offers a completely helical cut gear set and is synchronized in all forward gears.

The T would follow coarse with the T15 and offer a sliding clutch collar rather than sliding gears. The transmission gear ratios for this transmission are 1 first gear, 1. The T case is cast iron as is the top cover and is retained by 8 bolts. The transmission measures in at 9.

The T may have the following casting numbers: or on the driverside. A further casting number of may be located on the top of the transmission. The T was used exclusively behind the Dana 20 transfer case. Unlike many Jeep transmissions before it, The T was mated to the bellhousing directly and did not use an adapter plate.

The front bolt pattern of the T is uncharacteristic yet surprising common. The T actually shares the same bolt pattern as Ford. The similarities between the T and Ford are uncanny and clearly open some interesting interchangeability options. The T also makes a great candidate for a Chevy conversion and can easily be mated by the use of an adapter.

AfterJeep discontinued the T The transmission served its purpose of handling V8 power while maintaining a very compact size required for the CJ5; however, the transmission did not appeal to the consumer. It was clear, American consumers were looking for more than just a three speed. The discontinuance of CJ5 for the longer CJ7 would allow for the longer more modern 4 and 5 speeds transmissions.

jeep t150 bellhousing

Jeep has used both hydraulic and mechanical clutch linkages over the years. When doing an engine conversion, it is not uncommon to have clutch linkage changes. Many of these stock linkages can be retained with only a few modifications.

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However, if you would like to improve you clutch linkage, we offer many upgrades from these stock linkages. Jeeps - These Jeeps use a torque tube that pivots off the stock transfer case. The design was more than adequate for the small 4 cylinder Jeep vehicles. This controller utilizes the stock pedal and clutch arm. It can be easily installed and offers a great mechanical advantage on most vehicle whether stock or converted.

This kit will not work on stock 4 cylinder Jeep bellhousings. If the original linkage is going to be retained on a new engine conversion, the only modifications will be to lengthen or shorten the corresponding linkage rods.With contemporary technology, you can relocate practically anything nowadays.

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AMC and Jeep transmissions

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jeep t150 bellhousing

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View Details. Omix-ada Synchronizer Assy. Omix Jeep Cj5 Cj7 4. Jeep T 3-speed Transmission Shifter Knob.The standard transmission for ''79 CJs with I6, I6, and V8 engines was the T 3-speed manual transmission. Although it is a strong transmission, its 1st gear ratio is 2. The Dana 20 transfer case used during this time has a 2. This combination gives these CJs the worst crawl ratio The T18A with 6. After just a few months of hitting the trails, I decided I had to have one.

The easiest and cheapest way to get a Jeep CJ T seemed to be to find a CJ donor and do a transmission switch. I searched the local papers for a couple of months until I found a winner - a rusty CJ5 sitting in an alley and it was less than two miles from my home! Having both T and T18A factory setups allowed me to carefully compare the two and note how the factory installations differed.

Some things are identical like the center floor cover and stick boots. The CJs frame, bellhousing, and skid plate are the same but have additional holes drilled for different configurations.

The great thing about the T to T18A swap is it is a pure bolt on swap - no cutting, drilling, or welding is required. The T18A is a much larger and heavier transmission than the T I don't know the T18As weight, but with the D20 transfer case attached it broke a JC Whitney transmission jack rated at lbs.

T drivers side with Dana 20 transfer case Ta drivers side with Dana 20 transfer case. The bellhousing is the same. Different holes are used to attach the two transmissions.

Jeep T 150 Transmission

The picture on the right shows the T18 bolts and stud installed in the correct holes for a Jeep T18 installation. T bell housing bolt pattern T18 bell housing bolt pattern The T attaches to the bellhousing with four identical bolts, but the Jeep T18A is different. The top two bolts are the same as the T and use the same mounting holes. The bottom right bolt is larger and uses a different hole in the bellhousing which is already threaded.

The bottom left of the T18A is not attached with a bolt, but with a stud which is pressed from inside the bellhousing.This adapter bellhousing assembly is used to adapt the GM 4. The bellhousing is used for both 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder applications. The bellhousing kit includes a T-6 aluminum bellhousing, universal dust cover plate, two pilot bushings with.

Note: When replacing the Jeep 6 cylinders, the original clutch throw-out arm and throw-out bearing will be re-used. All other Jeep CJ-7 applications will need the new throw-out arm and bearing. Note: When replacing a 4 cylinder, you must change the throw-out arm and throw-out bearing. Note: Don't forget a new clutch cover, clutch disc and throw-out bearing. We have Centerforce clutch parts in stock and ready for your conversion!!!! The T5 transmission has the honor of having the longest production run than any other American made manual transmission.

The transmission was used by numerous automobile manufacturers in nearly a hundred different applications. The introduction of a 5 speed transmission into a Jeep was a welcome sight for many; however, for some the strength and dependability still lied in question. The T5 introduced tapered roller bearings on the input shafts and output shafts, an improved design over the roller bearing design of the SR4.

The transmission was offered behind the AMC 2. The T5 used all helically cut fully synchronized in all gears, with all helically cut gears. The T5 was a top loaded and top shifted transmission. The shifter was located in a removable rear tailhousing section. The T5 transmission case is 9.

jeep t150 bellhousing

The T5 case is cast aluminum as is the top cover. The top cover is retained by eleven bolts to the main case. The T5 had a 23 spline output shaft connecting it to the Dana transfer case in the CJ models. There was also a small production of Cherokees with the NP The input sh.

The pilot tips for both input shafts were. The T5 transmission was Jeeps first venture into a 5 speed transmission. The T5 does not have a compound low gear but does have all around good gearing ratios of: 1st gear 4. The strength of the T5 has often been debated. It was clearly a better transmission than its predecessor the SR4. Advance Adapters does offer a multi drilled bellhousing to mate a Chevy V8 to the T5.

The bellhousing allows for the retention of the factory clutch pedal configuration. Since we use the same bell housing for Chevy to Ford applications, this bellhousing will also bolt up to popular heavy duty truck transmissions like the Ford T18 and NP Customers who choose to use this bellhousing for the T5 have the opportunity to upgrade to other transmissions.

Borg-Warner SR4. The transmission is considered somewhat light duty, yet the transmission often finds its way behind Chevy V8s do to the Iron Dukes familiar Chevy V8 bolt Pattern.

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