Older remus lupin x reader

Just scroll past it. I have to tell you though, that there is nothing wrong with relationships with an age difference-personal experience. Other than that, my English and the smut part, which is not the most graphic smut I have written. You knew you were in for a hell of a year since the moment you laid eyes on him. You had missed the Sorting Ceremony, again. So, you went to your dorm and settled things down while you waited for everyone to fall asleep.

You would then sneak to the kitchens and grab something to eat. Naturally, you were in for a surprise, but of course, you had no idea. After a while, it was late enough for you to go unnoticed. You had quickly found the pear and tickled it, transforming it into a door- knob. You smiled to yourself. You knew every single secret passageway and every single corridor-you knew Hogwarts.

You were friends with them, with all of the Weasleys. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that you had briefly dated Charlie. Even though you had realized that you were better off as friends after a while.

You had bonded with the twins over Quidditch and pranks. You had tried to make them study-it had ended badly; your hair had gone pink, the color you hated the most, for a week.

older remus lupin x reader

You crept inside the kitchens, and almost immediately were greeted by the kind house elves. Welcome back!! What can Bloom get you, miss? They just shrugged it off and started preparing only Merlin knows what. At some point, you were worried about the amount of food they were piling up, so you just stopped them, reaching for the chocolate bar that was right before you.

Oh, no.Originally posted by rainbowwolfpups. I thought it would be good idea for us to get out of here for a bit. You look at him as you slowly start to agree. He tries to send a smile in your direction as he turns to walk out of your room. You freeze as you turn around and walk towards the door and you see another shadow in the hallway as you look towards the kitchen.

You watch the shadows as they are talking and the shadows merge into one as they hug and you quickly step back into your room before they can see you spying on them.

You reach the forest that you and Remus agreed on and you see that there is another figure there. But it will take me a little bit to get used to it. Originally posted by kataara. I look toward the stage, watching as the actors start to come onto the stage, going on with the show. I walk towards backstage to see the actors rushing about as they are preparing for me to come back. I chuckle before stopping one of them.

She nods before walking out. You hear your messenger hawk come flying through the window when you see the note from Zuko. You smile before taking the note and reading it. How are you doing? You smile before pulling over your paper and ink, quickly writing a response back, watching as the hawk takes the note before you walk around your house.

You shake your head, not expecting any visitors to see Zuko standing there. You look at him before shaking your head, clearing your vision. You start to smile before leaning over to kiss his cheek.

And I promise that those requests are coming! This scenario reader is female with the quirk of plant manipulation.

Originally posted by iwillalwaysbelemillion. You run after the group ahead of you, not knowing where you were going despite having come into this building multiple times throughout your life. You look over at your lifelong friend before you study the plants before you nod, moving some hair out of your face. You look at the elevator to see the numbers quickly climbing.

You look towards a bush before activating your quirk to make it big enough to hide the group of you to hopefully let the villains rush past. You kneel next to Todoroki, constantly feeling the cold breeze coming from him before you peek through the bush to see the doors opening.

We can see you! Oh, we got lost looking for the party. I look towards the other two boys to see something heading towards Kirishima before I see a giant wall of ice shoot in front of them.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

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Mentor Severus Snape x Reader 6. Yule Ball Severus Snape x Reader 7. Chance Meeting Remus Lupin x Reader 9.

After Dark Lucius Malfoy x Reader Unwrap Me Sirius Black x Reader Floating Candles Remus Lupin x Reader They are HP canon age in this, not marauders era. This is just a tumblr dump of all my hp fics! Most will be smutty, but some are just fluff.

Please no requests on here, if you would like to request, you can do so on my tumblr mcwerewolfblack! The moon is a sliver away from being full. Back in school, he had always tried his hardest to attend classes the days before and after his change, but as he grew older, he realized that this was simply not realistic, as it would only belabour his healing process. You had already discussed the cycle and the designated procedures with Snape, the only other person at Hogwarts who could do anything to help.

He was reluctant to be the substitute, but eventually gave in for your sake. He claimed that Remus had better be grateful for him covering up and explaining to all the concerned students why Professor Lupin needed a cane once every month. You assured him you were both very grateful, and he left it alone. You stare up at the moon, hearing the howl of a wolf far off in the Dark Forest.

Even after all these years, you still wondered how Remus felt when he heard that sound. Drawing you out of your thoughts, you feel your husband shift in bed, and notice his restlessness.

You realize his face is covered in a thin sheen of sweat, and your heart aches. The week leading up to a full one, Remus is in a very hard stage, where he feels both stimulated and as if every bone in his body is crushing together.Request : Hey! Hope that made sense xx Warnings : My English.

Credits to their original owners. Sometimes, we have to choose on our own. That was the thing between you two. You were friends- family, really- with the Marauders since day one. It felt natural like it was meant to be.

older remus lupin x reader

That was six years ago. You had formed different bonds with each of them- all of them strong, just different. James was your brother.

He was your older, overprotective, self-absorbed, completely infatuated with his Lily-flower, a brother. You were never capable of holding a grudge against him- even though you truly wanted sometimes- as you witnessed how awfully in love he was with Lily.

Any person capable of love is capable of being forgiven. Meaning that as much as he made you tick with his stupid plans to destroy your dates, you could never hate him or be mad at him for too long. Peter was your younger and more reserved brother. He was this kind and quiet person that had a lot of trouble adjusting. He had a lot of issues, especially with his confidence and he would barely speak up, but when he did, he would leave everyone dumbfounded by his intelligence.

He was keen but he never believed it. You had acted up as his over-protective sister and helped him as much as you could. Sirius… Sirius was different. You could say that you were closer, in a way. You had tried to be his sister but he already had a brother and family issues, so you just dropped it. He was such a great actor that you would almost fall for his carefree and laid-back attitude. You saw the flicker of pain and that small twinkle of unwanted memories that was pooling in his eyes.

His act was impressive. In fact, those were the very words you told him when you confronted him. Since that very long night, you were inseparable. Somehow, you had managed to make him open up to you and let his walls down- something he had never done before, not even with his fellas. You had found yourself staring at him and his steely gray eyes more than once and you had quickly realized that you may or may not have feelings for him.

And it sucked because he was with a different girl every other night. Also, because he was your friend. With Remus things just happened. He was actually, the first one to befriend you from the infamous Marauders.

You had hit it off immediately because how could you not? He was sweet and caring, kind and polite. You would meet up in the Library, trying to study together but you would end up eating chocolate and drinking tea in the kitchens. You knew he was a werewolf since the moment you laid eyes on him. You just waited patiently for him to trust you enough to tell you. You had waited six years. They were guys- they had practically formed a cult.Originally posted by welcomethenewage. You beamed as Remus shot you a glare.

The two of you had been… intellectual enemies since the very first day. Everybody in the whole school knew that the two of you absolutely hated each other. Several groans were heard. As Professor Slughorn split students up, you sneaked a quick glance at the brown haired boy. You watched as he furiously scribbled down something on his parchment, James looking over his shoulder and copying. James let out a loud laugh, urging Remus to walk over to you. Reluctantly, he shuffled over to your table at the back.

The two of you worked in silence for a while. As you chopped up the last of the ingredients, he interrupted you. You scowled at him, opening your mouth to spit back an insult, when he shoved the book in your direction.

older remus lupin x reader

Remus smirked in triumph. Fury boiled in your veins. Remus closed his eyes, swearing to himself under his breath. Forget what I said. You dropped the knife, walking over to his side of the table. He stood there, frozen, as you took a dangerously close step towards him. Without thinking, you stood on the tips of your toes, and met your lips with his.

For a bit, it was you who was kissing him, until you were finally kissing each other. His arms wrapped around your waist, while your hands held on tightly to his shoulder for support.

His cheeks went bright pink when you pulled away. Your breath hitched in your throat as he bent down to plant a kiss on your cheek, taking you by surprise.

Theme by Dubious Radical. Partners - Young! You gave him the answer, smiling. He nodded, grinning proudly. The class immediately started whispering amongst themselves, already choosing their partners. Lupin and Ms.Remus, his eyes the size of salad bowls, walked towards the door in shame. Black butler x shy reader lemon. Remus Lupin X Fem! Dumbledore was sitting in his office, inspecting an old bit of parchment, as he heard the faint rapping on the door.

Warnings: some swearing. Harry, letting his curiosity get the better of him, asks Remus for the whole story.

older!remus lupin x reader

It had been years. Word count: Remus Lupin x reader an old drabble very old Add to Favourites. This character is based off of myself.

older remus lupin x reader

Word Count: opps this is long Summary: You have been playing violin most of your life and in your fifth year, you gain entry to one of the most prestigious violin competitions in Europe. Partners - Young! Remus Lupin x Reader Jul Request: 13 and 1 where the reader preferably Ravenclaw and Remus are intellectual nemesis and argue over everything to the point everyone thinks they hate eachother until they confess in the middle of an argument.

Jun 16, - This Pin was discovered by arzhakie. HP Lexicon. A glimpse into the life of Remus Lupin from and everything he lost. Scratches along his face, sprained ankle, and a broken rib. Trigger warning: death, angst Masterlist. You made sure all the animagus were back safe, you would take care of their wounds and then pass the day with Remus and take care of him, cuddling him too when he needed.

It was a fact that he thought of them as family and that he always tried to keep them out of trouble. Remus Lupin x Reader. The last dragon and a disillusioned dragonslaying Knight must cooperate to stop an evil King, who was given partial immortality.

Remus X Shy! This has slight lemon! Hope u enjoy! I'll get the girls! Pairing: Remus Lupin x Syltherin! For him, he can.

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Sirius has been trying to get Remus to admit his feelings for you ever since Sirius found out about your feelings for Remus. His methods, while annoying and a little cliche, produce wonderful results in the end.

After embarrassing Bellatrix Black during your first year of school, you were marked for death. Family killed, ostracized by your peers, tormented by her crew; you were waiting for the day you would join your parents into the ground after graduation.

However, when you followed Snape into the whomping willow you were bitten by the beast. Now, calloused by the injustice you have suffered, you have a chance to get revenge on your tormenters. Instead, he waited for me to speak. You are the best friend of Remus Lupin and have been for as long as either of you can remember. You were born a year after him and nothing could tear you apart, not even your shared curse of lycanthropy.

After the apparent betrayal of Sirius Black and the deaths of James, Lily, and Peter, you are all he has left and he is determined to not lose you. One fateful full moon leads to something neither of you ever expected, but love nonetheless.

One might call it a litter of beautiful accidents. Here we go again, picking up from Part 4 where things were left in a less than okay state. Angelina has saved Harry from a fully transformed werewolf Remus just wants to make things right, Angelina just wants to survive.

Older Remus Lupin X Reader

Both seem such far off dreams of grandeur. Can they get over the heartbreak and make things right again? Or is everything about to get so much worse? With the Second Wizarding War about to begin, the fight for life has never been more crucial.

Remus insecurities get the best of him. Who could honestly want to stay with him? This is a oneshot, xreader book. I'm a starting writer so when you see something that's wrong or incorrect or whatever tell me so I can learn. I love feedback and it keeps me going. I'm really busy with school so updates will be irregular. This is my book on both Wattpad and Quotev. I will do request. I will do smut, fluff, angst. I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters they all belong to J.

I hope you enjoy reading this. Reader sees a cold, and rain-soaked figure seeking shelter under a small cover across the street and welcomes him into her home for warmth, food, and a real shelter. They are HP canon age in this, not marauders era.

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