Pimax 8kx price

New to the forums? Click here to read the "How To" Guide. Click here to go to the Developer Forums. Shadowmask72 Posts: 4, Valuable Player. January 9 edited January 9 in General. Hopefully I can avoid import taxes. Long Live VR! Tagged: Pimax 8KX. January 9. But I guess that's one way to get Index controllers and base stations into australia, since Valve still won't sell them to us direct but Pimax says they will bundle them for australia. Guess your Reverb was getting old and dusty!

pimax 8kx price

Intel i7 K 4. January 9 edited January 9. But really not bad - degrees fov, about 2 x Reverb res. Boneworks will probably work great, and you can use the Index controllers - looking forward to your review!

Pimax Vision 8K X

My main aim will certainly be to compare with the Reverb as that's the current market leader as far as clarity is concerned. I had it pegged fsu housing map being about the same quality but with the wider FOV.

It will be interesting to compare. Swevivor made some through the lens comparisons, you see it on the pages as Brand H but they weren't optimal images for the Reverb. Interesting they simply called it Brand H. January Zenbane Posts: 15, Valuable Player. January 10 edited January Looking forward to reading your review, Shadow! Are you a fan of the Myst games? Techy Posts: 6, Volunteer Moderator.

Is it me or in the pic that our mutual friend posted, the pimax still looks "cheap" doesn't have that shiny new gizmo look about it. A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head.Pimax Vision 8K.

What Makes Pimax. So Immersive? WideUltrawide. Pimax brings and unprecedented degrees diagonal field of view to your virtual reality experience degrees horizontal and degrees vertical. The dramatically upgraded field of view allows you to see your opponent before he sees you and allows you to fire before they see you in FPS games and finally see your racing buddies in your peripheral vision without turning your head.

These advancements cause the virtual world to much more closely match the virtual world in games and simulations like never before. The high-resolution display allows you to see small lifelike details and enables new levels of visual clarity as you step into deep immersive virtual worlds. Pimax customized low persistence liquid crystal displays and OLED displays can serve up to 16 million pixels per frame with a smooth refresh rate of 90 FPS using Pimax custom designed advanced lens technology.

With our newly designed Vision comfort kit which includes a face cowling, nose guard and soft face foamallowing even the most demanding VR enthusiasts to enjoy hours and hours of comfortable VR sessions. The new nose guard prevents outside light from reducing the quality of your experience. Vision 8K X. Body Material:. Recommended PC Specs:.

Pimax Launches Kickstarter Today For 8K & 5K VR Headsets

Vision 8K Plus. FOV: degrees diagonal. Including a face cowing, nose guard and soft face foam. What makes Pimax so immersive? New Ergonomic Design with Comfort Enhancements. Which headset is right for you? Buy Now. Including a face cowing, nose guard and soft face foam - Widened top strap.What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. Search titles only. Word Count:. Search Advanced search….

New posts. Search forums. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Mr Teatime Start date Feb 6, Mr Teatime. Hi all A bit of background before I start. I was a very early kickstarter for the PiMax 8K plus a package of extras and have had my 8K headset since Dec Before that I had the Rift CV1 and the step up from CV1 to 8K, whilst not as big as from 2D flat screen to VR, is still stark and especially the wider Field of View which is like going from binoculars to a full faced crash helmet.

Since getting the 8K, Mrs Teatime has used the Rift, but due to its limited FoV, god awful rays and screen door effect and being monocular she used it a few times and then needed something better to really play Elite comfortably. So some time at the back end of last year PiMax, who are admittedly having some growing pains, made a series of offers to backers and 4K owners to get what I would call their next or fixed generation headsets and "trade-in" the other package items we were still waiting for.

The top strap is too short to allow the triple joint at the back to sit low enough on the back of your skull, so the HMD tends to droop forward. Oh and glasses fit inside really well my wife needs them, but I fly without despite needing glasses normally. That was OK and as its using the same lighthouses as the 8Kthe setup picked them up and everything came to life much more easily than the 8K experience. I left settings completely alone apart from disabling Smart Smoothing and enabling Parallel Projections and hopped into Elite Dangerous, which just picked it up instead of the Rift that was on this machine.

So the setup process is very much improved from the 8K, which took a bit of fiddling and working out the order of things. Tweaking - I will try and tweak the experience by installing different software versions to see if the distortion goes away and also see if I can improve an already improved view compared to my 8K. UPDATE: I have since designed and 3D printed an extension bracket for the HMD that has solved the issues with the strap, but the rigid version is still badly needed and "proper production units" should come with this, so take the observation for what it is.

TL-DR - once the rigid headstrap is shipping with the unit and the distortion is patched out for all I would recommend this product to others and especially for those on FoV headsets lower than degs.

The price is way more competitive than the XTal, which I think is the only HMD that exceeds the specs, but its not that cheap compared to the mainstream headsets out there. S: Mrs Teatime is very happy coming from the Rift, with the FoV, clarity and other improvements and wing and multicrew session will be much improved now, even though I'm now probably going to have to build another pit rig rather than the desktop version she uses currently.Hello all!

pimax 8kx price

Some months ago it has produced one of the first 4K headsets and now it is creating the first 8K headset on the market. The first headset has shipped more than In my opinion, Pimax is making this Kickstarter campaign just to have visibility and create a communitynot because it needs money.

There are two reasons why I have this idea:. Comparison of Pimax headsets with Rift and Vive. It is also possible to use a dedicated Pi platform. Since it is compatible with all the OpenVR ecosystem, the headset can hence be used together with current Vive controllers ; Modular accessories, that are pluggable into the headset.

These little modules will add interesting functionalities like: smells outside-in tracking wireless tracking thanks to Simplex that has made me notice that I forgot this! It seems one of the reachest VR product out there.

I was in doubt that it could even exist, but then I saw the reviews and saw that the product was already there. So… wow!

Chinese startup's '8K' VR headset is surprisingly advanced

Get your facts straight. Actually, the display is not 8K. Approximately, this headset is just 6K. The CEO defended the choice saying that there is still no standard on naming… but actually, math seems a solid standard to me. You need two cables because there is currently no cable able to transmit 2 x 4K at 90Hz out there. The Pimax 8K X is a mysterious object at the moment : there are too many unsolved questions on it.

pimax 8kx price

It is not clear if it will feature a scaler as well, to let the user choose the input resolution so that to stress less the graphics card.

It is not clear the release date they say May It is not clear how many of them will be shipped Pimax say it is in a limited edition. It has not been completely tested. No one has been able to try it. Anyway, backers that will want to try this futuristic model will have two options:. A last note: while theoretically the Pimax 8K could run on a PC that is currently connected to a Rift, there is not this possibility for the 8K X model… for obvious reasons. This headset is particular because it has 2 screens.

So, while most headsets out there have one big screen that is split in half to show left and right view, this headset is composed of two different 4K screens. Other feedbacks do not report this bad side-effect either. About FOV and resolution, everyone that has tried the device has remained astonished by the sharpness of images and texts and by the enormous field of view. Returning to a standard headset like the Rift after having tried the Pimax is like seeing the world through a scuba mask.

The big FOV and resolutions are really a game changer. Screen door effect is still a present, but is little. Even in this, Pimax is closer to the Vive. The headset comes with an integrated microphone, but not with integrated headphones. You have to buy a separate accessory to have integrated audio as in the Rift this module is like the Vive Deluxe Audio Strap.Keep your finger on the pulse of the XR industry with the Daily Roundup, the most important news in one daily email.

Unlike the Kickstarter preview page that was published earlier this month, the live page quotes a January delivery for Early Bird headsets instead of the previous December shipping date.

Both are still higher resolution than consumer VR headsets today though, and have a much higher field of view FOV at degrees horizontal, almost the entire degree natural range of human eyes. You may be asking yourself how a VR-ready gaming computer could possibly drive these sorts of graphically demanding resolutions.

At the time of this writing, no funding tiers appear to include any of the teased add-ons. Remember, the Oculus VR headset kickstarter? And would it succeed if there were already VR products from major companies on the market? Yes, they came in after it already succeeded. But it was about kickstarter, I have been burned on there before, but this company already sells to entertainment industries, so risk is very low.

He succeeded in collecting everyones money but his product was a bunch of parts held together with duct tape. Even if he had a plan Valve and HTC would have railroaded them. But to be fair, it does beg the question, how far if at all was Valves VR research before oculus made the news. Valve VR research goes back years. This is true, they are already an actual company that has actual products.

Secondly, would you invest in Oculus if there were several other VR headsets already selling on the market? If you actually own a hmd you would understand. I have a vive. The best products on KickStarter do well when the project has reputable backing.

Half-Life: Alyx Hands-On! Tested on 8 VR Headsets

HTC and Oculus have realised that which is why they dominate the upper tier of VR at the moment because they can produce components across the board at a high level. Pimax 4K headset did have the resolution but little else. Unfortunately without the complete package the Pimax 5K and 8K will fail.VR enthusiasts sat up and took notice when Pimax opened a Kickstarter for its 8K headset in October of Nearly six thousand backers pledged over 4.

And waited. Now, at CESthe long-awaited 8K headset is here, and it has all the specs. It also has built-in audio jacks to support headsets, compatibility with Steam VR and Oculus game through Pimax softwareand a refresh rate up to 90Hz. Is it glorious?

The jump in clarity was obvious from the moment I put on the headset. Fine text is often difficult to read on competing headsets, and details can appear obscured or heavily aliased. Not so on the Pimax 8K X. The demo, a simple flight simulator loop, presented me with many small gauges to read. I had no problem making them out. The increased field of view is less impressive at first but, as I settled in, the benefit became more obvious.

The Oculus Quest has a degree field of view, while the Valve Index has a degree field of view. To take off the edge, the headset offers Dual Engine Mode, which can lower the render resolution to 2, x 1, per display and then upscale that to 4K.

No one will call the Pimax 8K X sleek. Its broad, angular design is required to make a degree field of view possible. I worried the bulk would be annoying, but I had no problem once I slipped it on.

The well-padded headset stayed in place. I felt its weight, but about equal to a Vive Pro. The Pimax has something most headsets lack; a real sense of peripheral vision.As much as I enjoy the occasional VR gameplay, I've been waiting for headset manufacturers to boost the pixel density in order to reduce the screen door effectas well as to widen the FOV field of view for a more immersive experience.

There's no doubt that the big names like HTC and Oculus are already working on it, but to my surprise, a Chinese startup by the name of Pimax simply went ahead. Before we go any further, yes, the 7, x 2, resolution here isn't the " 8K " you're thinking of that's 7, x 4, twice as many pixelsand some went as far as accusing the company of misleading people with the product name. Pimax argues that the "8K" here is to highlight the much higher horizontal resolution which, to be fair, is an industry first.

A more accurate way to describe this is that each eye is looking at a 4K 3, x 2, panel with a 90 Hz refresh rate inside the headset, and if you ask me, this sounds just as impressive in today's market.

Maybe "Pimax 4K Duo" would be less controversial?

Pimax’s Full VR Headset Lineup Compared

Pimax claims that with CLPL it has "completely eliminated ghosting and improved brightness" presumably a comparison to traditional LCD. CLPL and OLED apparently only have some minor differences in terms of contrast and color temperature, but the former can achieve a higher pixel density for the same cost. It's unclear what sub-pixel arrangement has been applied to this CLPL technology, but I'll update here if I hear back from Pimax about this.

I thought: surely that would struggle with an "8K" output? I later found out that Pimax 8K is actually designed for 4K input or less the prototype was using HDMI, but the final version will likely use DisplayPort insteadand then it upscales the signal to "8K" internally. As soon as I put on the headset, I was amazed by the lack of black border within my vision. For the first time ever, I finally felt like I wasn't looking into a VR headset!

The device felt comfortable to wear and didn't feel heavy despite its bulky look -- unlike the StarVR with a similarly wide degree FOV. Pimax claims that its headset is actually lighter than a Vive, but it has yet to finalize the weight. As expected, I could not see any sub-pixels thanks to the insanely high display resolution, nor did I notice any ghosting. Interestingly, I only found out after the demo that the laptop was actually just pushing a 2, x 1, output, but what I saw was still significantly better than what I'm used to on other VR headsets.

So far, this whole package is basically everything I've ever wanted in a VR system. Head tracking and the Vive-like controller worked fine, too, though I'll need more hands-on time to assess their reliability. For those who originally assumed that the Pimax 8K would take an "8K" signal, well, that's what the higher-end Pimax 8K X is for.

The image quality here would obviously be better than the upscaled view on the Pimax 8K, but given the demanding hardware requirement for an "8K" output, the Pimax 8K would make more sense for most of us. In fact, there's also a more affordable Pimax 5K based on the same headset design but houses two 2, x 1, CLPL panels instead.

The company added that expansion modules are in development, and these will provide features like inside-out tracking, eye tracking, wireless transmission, scent and more. It's a highly ambitious move from a startup, but we'll be happy enough just to see the delivery of the headsets themselves.

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pimax 8kx price

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