Samsung knox license key

An unknown error while activating your license. If the problem persists, contact Samsung and provide a device log to assist with troubleshooting. License Activation Failed.

An error occurred while activating the license on the device. Set the date and time on the device correctly and retry. The device time is not synced with the license timestamp. Re-set the device date and time correctly to your geographic timezone. An error occurred while activating the device license. Check your network and retry. License activation failed due to a network error. Check the device network environment and retry.

Contact Samsung. License activation failed due to an error with the Samsung internal server. If the problem persists, contact Samsung. Your KLM Customization key has expired.

samsung knox license key

Contact your IT admin or retry. In the Knox Configure dashboard, go to the License tab and check the number of licenses you have and the number of licenses already. You may need to obtain additional licences.

Configuration Failed. An error occurred while configuring the device. In the Knox Configure dashboard, go to the License tab and check the total quantity of licenses and the number of licenses already activated. All Files. License activation errors This section describes Knox Configure licenses activation errors and their troubleshooting tips. On this page Unknown error Corrupted profile Incorrect date or time on device Samsung server error License expired License quantity exceeded License terminated, License key invalid.

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Cause An unknown error has occurred during the license activation process. Device message Error. An error occurred while customizing the device. Log message An unknown error while activating your license. Troubleshoot If the problem persists, contact Samsung. Cause An error resulted from the use of a wrong profile schema.A customer must purchase a license to use Knox Configure. Once purchased, the customer enters their license into the Knox Configure console.

A license is applied and activated automatically when a device is accepted into Knox Configure. License utilization is global, and not restricted by regional device deployment constraints.

Once you have uploaded your purchased devices into Knox Configure, you are required to create a configuration profile and select a license to ensure a Samsung Knox compliant deployment. Utilizing the revoked license increases the available license count and improves license provisioning efficiency with the Dynamic edition profile.

A Setup edition Per Device Staggered license enables customers to utilize licenses more efficiently, since a customer may not initially use Knox Configure after it is purchased, or deploy devices at the same time.

Using a Per Device Staggered license type, a customer creates a Setup edition profile and assigns devices per usual. They then however select the Per Device Staggered license type and ensure each activated device has a different expiration date based on the device's activation date. Refer to the following to assess the activation period, transfer capability, extension ability, and quantity upgrade capability of supported KC license types:.

A license can also be assigned for use in the KDA within the Knox Configure console, as an optional step at the bottom of the Profile information screen. Only one license can be designated for the KDA, so if it consumed or expired, an admin will need to assign another one from the Knox Configure console.

If there are no listed licenses available within License drop-down menu, select the Enter License Key option from the drop-down menu. All Files. Add to UEM console 2. Configure policies 3. Deploy policies Citrix 1. Deploy policies Microsoft Intune 1. Deploy policies 4. Key mapping MobileIron 1.

Samsung Knox Support. License management A customer must purchase a license to use Knox Configure.

License activation errors

NOTE - When a Knox Configure license expires, the devices mapped to the expired license are automatically released from Knox Configure management control. NOTE - A profile and an assigned license are now no longer linked, and each device follows the behavior of the license types they belong to.

If necessary, a profile can be created and saved without a license assignment. NOTE - Devices no longer consume new license seats when re-assigned to profiles using the same license. However, devices need to be manually selected within the KC console and re-assigned the license. Therefore, you can re-assign an unassigned device to a profile and re-use a renewed license without consuming additional license seats.

NOTE - If deploying an Enterprise edition device and profile, ensure the license selected has an EE icon appended to it to ensure its Enterprise edition compatibility. This enables the admin to optimally register the license and assign a profile and devices before the license activation date. A pop-up warning message displays stating the activation date for the license has not yet started.

NOTE - The License drop-down menu includes both active licenses with remaining seats and licenses that have yet to start.

samsung knox license key

If selecting a license that has yet to start, an error message is displayed for the user to not utilize this license and select an active license with remaining seats.Customer may use the Documentation for internal purposes only. Customer may not use the Software for any purpose or in any way, not expressly permitted by this EULA. The Software is licensed, not sold. All references to the Software includes all related graphics, user interfaces, scripts and services provided by Samsung for use of the Software, and any updates, upgrades, enhancements, modifications, revisions or additions to the Software made available to Customer by Samsung.

However, Samsung is under no obligation to provide any updates, upgrades, enhancements, modifications, revisions or additions to the Software except if Customer has purchased maintenance services from Samsung or a Samsung Knox authorized reseller. As a condition of the license granted in Section 1. Any attempt to do any of the foregoing shall be deemed as a material breach under this Agreement.

The Software is proprietary to Samsung or its licensors, and protected under applicable copyright, patent, trademark and trade secret laws. Customer further acknowledges and agrees that, as between Customer and Samsung, Samsung owns and shall continue to own all right, title and interest in and to the Software, including associated intellectual property rights under the applicable laws. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, use of the Open Source shall be subject to the applicable Open Source license terms and conditions to the extent required by the applicable licensor which terms shall not restrict the license rights granted to Customer hereunder but may contain additional rights.

License management

Samsung will not be responsible for any failure of performance, deterioration, or malfunction of third party applications that may be downloaded, included in, or installed in the Container.

Samsung will not be responsible if such applications do not effectively isolate data within the container or protect against Malicious Attacks. Because Samsung has no control over such third party applications, Customer acknowledges and agrees that Samsung is not responsible for the availability of such third party applications and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products, services, or other materials on or available through the third party applications.

It is up to Customer to take precautions to ensure that whatever Customer selects to use is free of such items as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other items of a destructive nature.

References to any names, marks, products, or services of any third parties are provided solely as a convenience to Customer, and do not constitute or imply an endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation of, or affiliation with the third party or its products and services. Customer agrees that Samsung shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss, including but not limited to any damage to the mobile device or loss of data, caused or alleged to be caused by, or in connection with, use of or reliance on any such third party content, products, or services available on or through any such third party application.

Software provides a security feature, called Trusted Boot, which is designed to detect unauthorized rooting and custom ROM i.

Upon detection of such unauthorized rooting or custom ROM, the Container will be automatically locked and Customer or Customer Representative may not use the data or application stored or installed in the Container. Thus, Customer and Customer Representative are strongly advised to back up important data or information as set forth in Section 3.

Customer and Customer Representative may not pull out the data or information stored in the Container.From configuration to management and security, Knox IT solutions are enabled by purchasing licenses from a Knox license reseller.

Samsung is always looking to add valuable partners to our team. Sign up to be a Samsung Knox license reseller to develop new opportunities and grow your business. All fields are required in order to feature your company on the Buy from a reseller page.

Try for free Enroll Sign in Dashboard Sign out. About Knox About Knox Samsung Knox is a combination of a proven security foundation built into Samsung devices, and a mature suite of business solutions leveraging this platform, Secured by Knox. Devices Secured by Knox. Knox certifications. Knox 3. Knox Configure. Knox Mobile Enrollment.

samsung knox license key

Knox Manage. Knox Platform for Enterprise. Partner solutions Samsung partners that leverage the Knox platform. Personal Apps Samsung apps that leverage the Knox platform. Success stories Knox has been deployed in industries such as government, finance, and healthcare. See how businesses are leveraging Knox. Knox white paper See key security features only available on Knox. Download the Knox Platform for Enterprise white paper.

Secured by Knox. Knox Deployment Program. View all support. Premium paid support. Samsung Enterprise Technical Support Purchase our Tier 3 premium technical support service designed to meet your enterprise device and solution needs.

Learn more. Home License resellers. Become a license reseller From configuration to management and security, Knox IT solutions are enabled by purchasing licenses from a Knox license reseller. First name. Last name. Work email address. Phone number.

Company name. Company website. Company address.A Knox license is needed to activate Knox Platform for Enterprise on a device. Samsung's web-based Knox Platform for Enterprise KPE system manages the entire lifecycle of Knox licenses including ordering, license generation, activation tracking, validation, and quantity checking. See Knox features on Android for a full list of what features are paid or free.

All features still require a license, regardless of if they are free or paid. You get a Knox Platform for Enterprise license from one of our resellers. For example, this image below shows the license key page in Knox Manage. If you use Knox manage, this is where you paste in your license key. If your enterprise is highly regulated and does not allow communication with external servers, you can request the on-premise Knox server, which handles license verification within your firewall.

Samsung charges an extra fee for this service. For more information, contact your Samsung representative or reseller, or contact Samsung Support requires a Samsung Knox Portal account. If you need more Knox seats activationsyou can simply contact the Knox Reseller you purchased your Knox licenses from and request them to add more seats to your existing Knox license key.

For example, if you need more Knox License seats because you need to provision new devices, you can contact your Knox Reseller to request more seats. The device was factory reset without first being unenrolled from the MDM.

By design, the license seat is not returned. If you already wiped a device without unenrolling it from an MDM and want to restore its Knox license seat, you can do so manually:.

Look for the tool-tip box on your Samsung Knox dashboard in the lower left corner of the page. There are two types of Knox Workspace license; monthly and yearly, based on its billing period type.

A monthly license renews itself every month; therefore, it does not expire unless the customer or Samsung deactivates the license on purpose or specific expiration date is set when license is ordered in SLM.

However, a yearly license expires one year or two years after its activation date. If the license is not extended with an extension order and expires, the Knox Workspace container gets locked. But the data inside the container are not removed, and the user re-gains access to the container and data after the container is reactivated with an extended license. All Files. Contact your MDM vendor to check if you need to input the license key manually.

How do I add more Knox seats activations to an existing Knox license key?The Samsung SDKs use licenses as a security measure to prevent malicious activities by malware. When your app uses one of these SDKs, it must provide its unique license key to identify itself and provide evidence that it is authorized to use the SDK. This section covers what license keys are, how to obtain a license key, how to active a license key and how to add priveledges in the app manifest file in order the set of API methods.

An ELM license key has alphanumeric characters. KLM provisions valid licenses to enterprises to enable them to activate Knox services on supported devices. In this case too, a web-based server assigns and verifies license keys. You need to pay for the Knox licenses. For example, if you deploy your Knox Customization app on devices, you would pay a license fee to activate Knox on each device. To purchase production Knox licenses, contact a Samsung reseller.

For more resources, see Knox licenses. Partners are allowed to use only the licensed permission s. Partners are strongly advised to securely store their license key on a server either hosted or on-premise and have the device fetch during license activation.

It is essential to keep the license key secure to prevent it from being leaked. A partner's client app must not store the license key on the device, because it can be disassembled or reverse-engineered.

Before calling license activation APIs, add the required privileges, in the manifest file.

End User License Agreement

The following code sample demonstrates how to register an MDM client and set a callback function:. You must add the required privileges in the manifest file of your app to call the set API methods. All Files. Where can I obtain a white paper for Samsung Knox? How can I check if my device firmware is an engineering or commercial build? How can I access the binaries before they are released? What is a deprecated API method? What are credentials?

Is Knox supported on other platforms, such as windows? Can Google Play used to deploy Knox apps? Can I use managed configurations for Samsung Knox features? How do I enable users to select a 3rd party keyboard? How does my device's serial number change with Knox 3. Is it possible to install an app silently on a device using Knox SDK? How can an app find out which apps are installed in and outside a container, using the Knox SDK?

How can an app block the installation of a non-trusted app, using the Knox SDK? What does "Security policy prevents installation of this application" mean? Why is the installCertificate API method not successfully installing a certificate on my device? Licensing How do I use license keys?Your app needs to activate your Knox license so that we can authenticate your access to our APIs. For more, see Knox licenses. In your app, create a new class called SampleLicenseReceiver.

This contains a license receiver for your KPE key. The app uses the SampleLicenseReceiver class to intercept this intent. Paste this code in AndroidManifest. When your app receives a com. This method is where you can have your app respond to the license being activated. When you launch the app for the first time and activate the license, you will see a Samsung confirmation dialog.

This only appears once per license activation. There are three terms that are important when it comes to licenses that you can receive in the KnoxEnterpriseLicenseManager. This contains a license receiver for your KPE and backwards-compatible key. When the KPE and backwards-compatible key are validated, the com.

Use this method in your MainActivity to activate the license. All Files.


Where can I obtain a white paper for Samsung Knox? How can I check if my device firmware is an engineering or commercial build? How can I access the binaries before they are released? What is a deprecated API method? What are credentials? Is Knox supported on other platforms, such as windows? Can Google Play used to deploy Knox apps? Can I use managed configurations for Samsung Knox features? How do I enable users to select a 3rd party keyboard?

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