Usb movie freezes on tv

Hi everyone. I downloaded a movie to my PC, where I started to play it in order to check that it was ok, which it was. Again,It worked when I started to play it on the PC. A message appeared on the screen to say that the flash drive had been inserted, but nothing happened after that.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any help. Go to Solution. As ancousins said above, you need to use a software program to "convert" from one file format to another. Initially it can be a bit of a learning curve. I use an open source program called "handbrake" of which works for me. Test a few of them out, to see what "works" for you. View solution in original post.

According to the specifications of your TV : Here. You need to ensure that the video is in one of those formats. For example, if it is a MKV file it wont work. Hi Quinnicus. Thanks very much for your reply. After I installed it and set it up to share the flash drive contents, which is straightforward, I was able to watch the movie on the TV.

I also set it up to share the 'downloads; folder on my PC. Next time I download a film to the PC, I should be able to share it with the TV without having to copy it to the flash drive.

However, I am still not able to watch that film on a TV external to the network, which is what I'd like to do. There must be some way of altering or converting the MKV format, I suppose, but I don't know how to do it. Hi ancousins.Daily watching them has been a major time filler of our spare time. So, the question of how to fix a DVD that skips and freezes became important for us to answer. Whether a home or car DVD player. Whether a cheap mobile or most high-end home theater player. No kind of DVD is free from this either.

All optical discs, including DVDs will skip sooner or later. No matter who makes them or what content they carry, they will, at time, skip, freeze. Good luck. It could possibly be repaired. Often, even DVDs without visible scratches on the play side can freeze up.

Sometimes, the DVD players themselves are to blame for this. So with skipping DVDs, the least wasteful approach is to find the source of the skipping, to avoid wasting money on new players or throwing away good DVDs because you thought they were bad.

How To Play Movies From A USB Flash Drive On A TV

The DVD itself may carry manufacturing flaws, or be scratched or dirty. It may be aging beyond its useful life estimated to be approximately fifty years. Or the CD may have been damaged by improper cleaning techniques previously.

The player itself may be malfunctioning.

usb movie freezes on tv

Perhaps the laser that reads the digital data from those silvery, rainbow colored discs, has weakened due to age or extensive use.

Finally, not every DVD player can play every DVD disc without skipping, even when nothing is technically wrong with either. As mentioned, DVD players do indeed age. Their laser light output decreases. Further, remember that some players are better at reading well through dirt and scratches than others. This is notably so of newer players.

Recently made DVD players have more advanced error fixing circuits and tightly aimed lasers than the older DVD players. A player upgrade is likely needed.

Cleaning oils, dust, and fingerprints from the disc is one sure way for how to stop a DVD from skipping. Essentially, you should avoid any chemicals harsher than dish soap. Just use dish soap and water. Wet the DVD with a filtered water and soap solution, gently rub with smooth fingers, rinse with more filtered water, and dry with a lint-free lens cleaning cloth. The washing removes fingerprints, oils, and loose dirt, while the wiping dry with the cloth not only removes the water from the DVD, but also polishes out the microscopic scratches that often cause freezing and skipping during play.If the exact same files worked before, it stands to reason that it should still work again.

Unfortunately you have not mentioned your TV model, but check to see if you are on the latest firmware. If so, turn the TV off completely from the wall and leave off for 2 minutes, then test. If that fails, do a factory reset of the TV, as this can cure any issues. I used to play music and movies from external hard disks. But now, none of those movie or music files are working in this TV. I cross checked the status of my hard disk in another TV, where it worked without any issues.

I know this is drastic, but please do a factory reset of your TV. This can clear any 'gremlins' or issues. If you have any customised picture sertings etc, you may want to write them down before hand, as this will be cleared too.

Thank you. I hadn't changed any of the orginal settings. Even did factory reset once, but that did not work. Can you confirm that the video files that you are trying to play conform to the supported codecs:. Also, when you try to play them, what happens?

Do you get an error message?

How to Fix a DVD that Skips and Freezes

Can you actually see the files on the drive whilst its connected to the tv or does it come up blank - as in no files at all? Suddenly it stopped doing that. I can see all files in the folder. The moment I try to open them, TV hangs just like the way Windows does. Same proble here! The files which has been played normaly few days ago, can't be played any more.

I have tryed different USB device, but no luck. Same problem with video and music files In order to help you and answer your question, I need more information.

Information such as:. When I plug everything, nothing pops up saying it has recognized my hard drive. I tried plugging a usb stick, it still won't play. When I click on Home from the remote controller, I scroll down to click video Is there anything I might have missed out doing in order for my drives to be seen and in order for me to watch movies or view files from the drives? Community Share your experience! Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Join now - be part of our community! Sign In Register. Go to solution. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.Privacy Terms. Quick links. Video freezes when played through USB avi to dvd, convertxtodvd support, convertX help, video to dvd, mkv to dvd, divx to dvd, convert video, vso convert, video conversion software, video converter.

Forum rules. It happened to three videos so far, so, something wrong with the settings. Can you please let me know which setting I should alter? Presently, I am using default settings. I do not know about video much.

My Samsung music system normally plays a many video formats brilliantly. Regards, Faith. Wait half a minute, then continue play. Does it play properly again for about a minute?

But a moment later it freezes again. It took several hours to transfer one movie recorded with it, and whole device was unusable during transfer. Some just do it wrong Problem is only with these converted ones. Please help me if you can. If it plays OK there, try in another standalone player if possible. Can be used as a DVD player. It will help if you try the pen drive in your computer and in another TV player if possible.

I wonder if the problem is due to the increased maximum allowed bitrate in v5. The info above will help determine if that is the case and a comparison with a v4 conversion will help even more.

You can use the trial version of v4 if you don't have a license key for it. Duplicate a problem project in v4 as much as possible, copy the result to your pen drive and let us know how that plays in your player.

Again, I used all default settings. Have you tried that lately, maybe something has changed with the pen drive. I'm not aware of any similar complaints and I have no trouble with CX2D DVDs on my pen drive, so it appear that the problem has something to do with compatibility between your pen drive and player.

Board index All times are UTC.Go to Solution. It's never fun to have a product not work as planned, but I know it's even more difficult when it's a new purchase. Normally, I'd recommend checking out our Home Theater Troubleshooting Guide before reviewing next possible steps, but it sounds like you've tried a lot of our troubleshooting tips already without success.

Using the "Private Message" button in my signature below, can you please send over your full name, phone number, and email, so we can get started? Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your new Sony.

Sony sets are the best. Don't give up on it. Try poweing on the TV. If it is still frozen. Try powering it off.

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Unplug the power cord from the wall for about seconds. Plug it back in.

usb movie freezes on tv

Then power it back on again. A new firmware update will download and install on your tv. As long as you are connected to your wi-fi. If not, you will have to go to the set-up to do that. I hope this helps and that you are happy with your Sony TV. I just bought an Xg and updated my firmware. Let me know how you fare with the firmware update.

I think the latest version is v6.Privacy Terms. Quick links. Forum rules Please make sure you follow the Problem Reporting Guidelines before posting if you want a reply. So i have two options to resume it and to start it again But whats the interesting part?

The movie works perfectly on my pc So i wonder is it the program or my net? But i won't take in consideration my internet because it's enough fast and unlimited. My pc also have good performances so it's logical it wont even start if is not good enough i'll give a few pics from the program to see how did i configure the settings of UMS Thanks guys i hope we'll solve the problem. Last edited by alargos on Sat Feb 06, am, edited 1 time in total.

Different media players handle errors differently, and it's in no way certain that you TV handles an error as gracefully as whatever media player you tested it with on your PC. That said, you should read the text in red above if you want anyone to try to look at it. Still, if the problem is only with this particular movie, I'd say the problem lies between the movie and your TV.

Nadahar wrote: As long as you don't supply debug files we can only speculate. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Best Budget: Roku Premiere at Amazon. Best Value: Roku Stick at Amazon.

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What causes videos to freeze up for a few seconds, then play.

Besides cutting down on unnecessary cables and other clutter, picking up a discrete streaming device gives you the option to watch just about anywhere as long as you have an HDMI compatible display and stable internet connection. Form factor is the most obvious difference between these devices but is far from your only concern. You'll want to stay apprised of the streaming services or applications that are offered on a particular platform, as well as what formats are supported as not all streaming devices offer 4K or HDR yet.

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During our testing, we found that even the volume can be controlled through voice commands.

usb movie freezes on tv

All totaled, there are more than ,00 movies and TV episodes.

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